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Our house in Oman

My coworker, Will, took some awesome photos of our little house next to a mountain in Dibba, Oman. Most of our neighbors have goats and donkeys. We constantly mimic the goats, laugh at the donkeys and watch the goats climb trees! Down the street there is a very small mosque and several times a day a man sings prayers over the intercom. There are only 4 or 5 families on our street and we are surrounded by mountains. Life is very calm and serene in our area. There is a mountain behind our house and the beach is just a 15 minute bike ride away. There is an amazing climbing location with a big boulder field and lots of sport climbing a longer bike ride away. For now, here are some photos of our little house. Jesi and I share a room, and the boys (Micah and Will) share a seperate room. We have a big screen TV (like huge) in the living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. We have a pretty sweet outdoor porch/living room and a fire pit. Since we've been here, we've run a program for a local school, explored the local fishing village, gone to an Arab wedding, had dinner and sheesha at our friend's house and explored the town of Dibba nearby. Today we planned on going climbing but rain kept us insiside. By the way, these photos and more are on my facebook under the UAE and Oman album.
come on in!