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My Camera Gear Set-up for Adventuring

My cousin is heading on a trip to Hawaii and asked me for info on what GoPro I'm using and what accessories I use most. I thought y'all might find the info useful too!

Balancing Experiencing with Documenting

I choose to be okay with using the best photo of the actual experience instead of 
impacting the experience to get the shot I want.  

Set it and forget it...
I am always sensitive to how documenting an experience can impact the experience itself. I'm sure you have all heard the horror stories of people so obsessed with getting 'the shot' that they ruin their honeymoons, or worse, fall off cliffs. The way I get most of my shots in the moment is by setting my GoPro on video at an angle I think will get me something good, and then focus on the experience. I think it is okay to spend a second or two adjusting the camera angle, but I try not to get too hung up on getting a specific shot. Instead, I set it on video, try to ignore it, and just pull whatever the best stills are later. I also sometimes shoot while I am teaching, in which case I cannot pay any attention to the camera. Sometimes when I am teaching, I end up not being able to use any of the footage, but that's ok, because teaching is the primary focus of that experience, and any photos I might get are just a bonus.

  1. Use a wide angle lens or camera (like a GoPro)
  2. Set the camera in a good location to capture the action
  3. Set it on video and try to ignore it
  4. Use either the camera software or use Video to Photo- Grab HD Frame  app to pull stills from the video after your adventure