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Super Easy DIY Travel Deodorant

DIY Tiny Custom Deodorant
DIY travel deodorant
I am so picky when it comes to deodorant, and have never found my favorite kind abroad. I typically travel with a full size tube when I'll be gone for a long time, but this technique is better for shorter trips. It's also a great way to customize the scent of your deodorant. Just buy an unscented stick and add your own essential oils or fragrance for a custom scent. Want to eliminate chemicals from your deodorant? Check out this chemical-free recipe from Scratch Mommy.


  • Solid deodorant
  • An empty deodorant tube 
  • Knife
  • Microwave
  • Small glass bowl
  • Sink and paper towels
  • Optional fragrance

  • Directions:
    1. Twist your big deodorant tube so that the deodorant sticks out. I guesstimated the amount by comparing the amount sticking out to the size of my tiny tube. 
    2. Cut straight across the top of the big tube to get your chunk of deodorant to melt.
    3. Put chunk in the glass bowl and microwave. I put mine in for 15 seconds and it was just right. Err on the side of low because you don't want to get your deodorant smoking hot. 
    4. Once melted, add your fragrances, but make sure the liquid isn't too hot. High temperatures make essential oils evaporate. 
    5. Hold your empty tube over the sink and carefully pour in the liquid. I spilled some, just wipe it up with paper towels before it cools
    6. Wait for it to cool. If you're impatient, stick it in the fridge. 
    7. Whenever you run out, just melt more to refill it!
    Get the tiny deodorant tubes I used here or use an empty travel size deodorant tube. To go super light, use an empty lip balm tube.

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