Tricks for Traveling Light: Clothes

When I travel, I try to go as light as possible. Last time I left to live overseas for two months, I didn't check anything, worried the airline would loose it and I would get there without things I really needed. I fit everything I needed into a multi-day hiking backpack and a large Timbuk2 messenger bag.

Anyone can pack this effectively and efficiently. I'll help you know what to look for in clothing to enable you to pack light and still be prepared for whatever you encounter on your adventure.

Snow and Hot Chocolate :)

It snowed today in Raleigh! Although it will probably negatively impact my drive back to Greenville tomorrow, it was nice to drive home from work through a winter wonderland. The trees and houses are pretty with a blanket of snow. Our neighbors have their Christmas lights up which looked really awesome in the snow. To celebrate my mom made hot chocolate while my dad and I worked on various projects for the leather shop.
Dad's hot cocoa:

Mom's hot cocoa:

My hot cocoa:

It was only after the fact that I noticed that Dad has just whipped cream, my Mom just has marshmallows, and fittingly, mine has both.

Outdoor Gift Guide- Stocking Stuffers Part Two- Endurance Athletes

1. Keep their noggin and ears warm on a run, ride, or paddle with a windproof Gore Bike wear helmet cap $25.95
2. Chilly mornings often make for warmer afternoons. Help them transition without slowing down with Smartwool arm warmers $25
3. If they run in Vibram Five Fingers, their toes may be a little chilly in colder temps. Keep their toes and legs warm with Injinji's new outdoor calf length merino wool toe socks $16
4. Earbuds that fall out are annoying. Koss' Sport Clip Headphones won't fall out.
5. Keep them amped, even while on the couch with Christopher McDougall's Born to Run $15
6. Hard work on cold days often makes for sore muscles. Ease their pain with a Body Wrap from Carex.
7. Keep their hands warm during 3 seasons with these Manzella Silkweight Windstopper Glove When its just chilly, they block the wind without overheating. Add a liner glove for toasty hands on colder days.
8. Fuel them to the finish line with Cliff Energy Shots. Compact enough for a back pocket, fast and easy to down on the go.
9. L-Glutamine helps with protein synthesis, immune system support, cell hydration and has no known negative side effects. Get it from GNC for just $5.99
10. There's nothing less refreshing than warm water after a workout. Polar Insulated Bottles keep drinks colder longer. $11.99
11. Help them stay hydrated, without all the sugar. Elete electrolyte additive can be added to water to boost electrolyte levels without the performance zapping effects of sugar. $4.99
12. It's hard to find a good skin protection that stays on when you sweat profusely. Sol Sunguard's MultiSport formula keeps skin protected from sun and wind even while sweating. This formula "breates" to let sweat out while retaining its protecting qualities.
13. Bodyglide is a must-have for all types of endurance athletes from expedition kayakers to marathoners and cyclists. Sweat and friction combine to make for one uncomfortable experience in really awful places. Prevent it with Bodyglide.
14. Cliff Shot Bloks provide simple and complex carb fuel in a pre-portioned package. Just need a little boost? Eat one or two from the pack. Need a kick in the rear? Eat the whole pack.