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Werner Kalliste Review: A Sleek and Sexy Badass Blade

The Kalliste by Werner Paddles is an elite performance, sleek and sexy carbon fiber paddle for low angle paddlers. This beauty will set you back about $400. Is it worth the money? Keep reading to find out why it's totally worth it.

  • Shaft: carbon fiber available straight or bent
  • Blades: carbon fiber with foam core
  • Ferrule style: 180 degree feathering adjustment right and left
  • Weight: 23.25oz to 26 oz depending on length and shaft size/type

  • Foam core blades: buoyant carbon fiber blades make each stroke smoother and lifting the blade out of the water at the end of the stroke effortless
  • Dihedral power face: the three dimensional face of the blade eliminates the 'flutter' of the blade through the water which is present in paddles with smooth power faces. This makes your strokes more efficient and reduces wrist and arm strain. 
  • Smooth back face: a smooth back face makes for a smooth entry into and out of the water, unlike a fiberglass paddle which has a spine on the back face of the blade.
  • Smart view adjustable ferrule: gives the look and feel of a single piece shaft with a tremendous range of feathering which allows you to adjust the feather to both your paddling style and wind. There is nothing to get caught on your clothes or gear, and you can alter the feathering quickly and easily on the water. I love the way it looks and feels like a single piece paddle.

The Captivating Mystery of Wilderness

Wilderness is a refuge for the human spirit. 
I look out over wild places and wonder at their mystery. What secrets lie hidden in the depths of the forest? What will I discover around the next bend in the river, over the next precipice of mountain? For every step I take and every discovery I make, there lie millions ahead yet to be discovered. This is the magic of wilderness- that it both beckons us to explore, and yet no matter how far or deep we go, retains its mystery.
-Wayfinder Ali

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