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Pamlico Sea Base 2010

This summer I'm spending my time working at Pamlico Sea Base working as a sea kayaking guide. I fell in love with it last summer so I decided to spend another summer here. We live right on the Pamlico River in a little staff cabin. Our cabin looks out over the water and the views are always awesome. Every night I watch the sunset either over the Pamlico river, or over the Atlantic ocean while sitting on a beach. Its a pretty beautiful life.
Tony took this cool promo photo for me on our little waterfront:

My summer here started with work around camp, cleaning up and reorganizing our storage rooms and fixing boats. We had three kayaks with gaping holes in them from last summer. We have a trailer that doesn't have fenders over the tires and the kayaks sat on the tires during a 2 hour trip, resulting in massive holes in the sides. We needed those boats for this summer, so I fixed them with an old kayak, a blow torch and metal spoon. I figured since I was at it, I might as well make an instructable (a tutorial) on fixing one. In hindsight, I think a heat gun may have worked well, perhaps better than a blowtorch. Here's my instructable:

Fixing a plastic (polyethylene) kayak with a hole in it - More DIY How To Projects