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Extra time in Dubai

For reasons out of my control, I spent an extra 24 hours in Dubai, which I definitely didn't complain about! Mike was "stuck" in Dubai for an extra day too, so we decided to just walk around aimlessly and see what we found. We walked around Deira, the neighborhood our boss Paul lives in and eventually wound up at the souqs and Dubai creek. I bought awesome hand made leather genie shoes. They're bright pink with silver rinestones and mirrors and have curled up toes. I'll try to post an awesome picture at some point.
We wandered into the Hindi district right by Old Dubai. We decided to be tourist-y and go for the obligatory camel ride. The owner and handler actually took my camera and took lots of pictures without me even asking! We only paid 20dhs (about $5) for a 10 minute ride around old Dubai. It wasn't a whole lot different than riding around on a horse, save the getting on and off part. Oh, and camels make crazy noises. I thought it was dying or something. They were these crazy gutteral bubbling gurgling noises. Creepy!

Oh, and I'm headed back there for two months in 2011. I'm going during February and March. Can't wait!