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Exciting News for Outdoorsy DIY-ers and MYOG

Does your favorite piece of gear have a hole in it, and you just can't find fabric to match it for repair? Or maybe you have a new design for a pack, but want to use two types of fabrics and need them in the same shade.

Now you can get the fabric you need in any color or pattern you want. Ripstop by the Roll just debuted 9 outdoor fabrics that can be printed on demand in over 1,000 colors AND whatever pattern you upload. I don't know about you, but my creative gears just started spinning!

If you need to match pre-existing gear or want to see what each color looks like on the fabric you'll use, you can order color swatches containing all 1300 colors. You can also custom print your own patterned fabric- in custom camo, your favorite galaxy print, a map of a beloved trail....the possibilities are endless.

To get the best results in pattern printing, I suggest designing or purchasing what is called a "seamless" pattern. This means that the pattern can be repeated like tile- laid end to end horizontally and vertically, and appear seamless.

Here is a youtube video that will show you how to make a seamless pattern:

Happy creating!