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Texas Iron Woman Crew 7701

I spent this week with a rockin' all girl Venture Crew from Texas; crew 7701. They did the Iron Woman, which is half a week of cycling and half a week of paddling. Thursday, we paddled to Shackleford Banks for a night on the beach.

Crew 7701 on Ocracoke

Just a mile out of Cedar Island, Pat's tire literally popped.

So I got on Wal-Mart in Morehead city on the phone(thank you Iphone and 3G!!) trying to find a new tire. He had a rental bike with odd sized tires, so he ended up riding with me some of the way back before switching out with another rider.

After a long hard day of cycling 30 miles against a 23knot headwind!

Storms on Wednesday kept us from cycling and kayaking, so we headed to the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. The jellyfish were mesmerizing.

The pre-kayaking pep talk. Move your body like a belly dancer!

Rebecca and Ivy at our lunch stop on Bird Island

On Brown Island,Chrissy managed to use a scallop shell to catch this tiny fiddler crab, who posed for photos.

Nicole gettin' her protein for the day.

Our kayaks lined up on the sound side of Shackleford for the night

What to do when you forget your bowl? Eat your dinner from a giant shell.

The girls took advantage of the beautiful sunset for some sweet paddling shots.
Can we say Facebook photo!

Banker Ponies! They say that long ago a Spanish galleon wrecked on the shores of Shackleford Banks, and the ponies that live there are the descendants of those marooned horses.

The girls found a sea turtle skull on the beach.

Playing in the waves

Beach art at sunrise

Suck it up and eat a steak!

Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!