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An Adventure at Paradise Beach

The cart hardly fit down the narrow streets
Chris and I decided to visit Paradise Beach- over 5 kilometers away from Asilah with beautiful scenery and surfboards to rent (supposedly). At the advice of a local, we haggled for a ride on a two-wheeled horse cart. With the price agreed upon, we hopped on Yaseen's cart pulled by his horse Carlos. Carlos protested work with tail flicks and pinned ears, but he knew every bump  and turn in the road. He didn't shy a single time at any of the big scary vehicles that buzzed, honked and roared past him from all directions.

We wound through the narrow streets of town, cantered on a two lane highway, crossed fields of crops and squeezed through a busy market on the way to the beach. The sunny ride was made even better by our chats with Yaseen in an awkward combination of broken Spanish, French, and English. He and I talked horses while Chris attempted to take a nap- a futile endeavor on the bumpy ride.