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Links to Awesome stuff

I admit I have too many interests, but I'm passionate about them all and find it hard to give any up. Over the years, I've collected a few sweet sites on the internet dedicated to these various interests. Here we go.

My Favorite Blogs

See Me Swim 
My very close friend Allison is a fantastic writer who shares her stories of epic world travel and ridiculous local adventures on her blog. Her entries are always so insightful, universal and either thought provoking or entertaining. I find I am always comforted by her posts.

This blog covers a wide range of topics- everything from psychology, sports, economics, culture and politics. It is snarky, funny and thoroughly enjoyable. 

DIY & Knowledge

One of my favorite websites is Instructables
People post tutorials on how to make or do pretty awesome, useful, creative and helpful stuff on Instructables. Just about anything you can imagine, there is an instructable for that. They also host contests where you can win cool prizes for sharing the things you make. I am WayfinderAli on Instructables.

Humblebee & Me
Humblebee & Me
Marie's fantastic blog shows you how to ditch store-bought products by making your own soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner and makeup. Over 750 tutorials!

Star Talk
Star Talk
Star Talk is a podcast, radio show and blog by Neil Degrasse Tyson. His show and blog cover more than just astronomy and astrophysics, he delves into environmental topics and science within modern culture.

Rock Climbing

All things climbing. Crux Crush was founded in 2013 by three women who are psyched on climbing and has grown to include an entire community of climbers and regular contributors. This is a fantastic climbing resource- covering physical and mental training,  gear reviews and climber features. 

Dr. Vagy's blog and new book are packed with info and exercises to help you climb harder while preventing injury. 

Looking for a climbing partner, route and or access info? Connect with climbers from all over the world, swap stories and get the best beta on just about any climbing route in the world.

Warrior's Way
The Warrior's Way is a website devoted to the teachings of Arno Ilgner, author of The Rock 
Warrior's Way. The Rock Warrior's Way is one of my all-time favorite books and one any rock climber, adrenaline junkie or elite athlete should read. Warrior's features an interesting and insightful blog written by Ilgner.

The Primal / Paleo Lifestyle

The Primal Lifestyle is a term that encompasses a way of eating, moving and thinking.
Eat: our bodies evolved to thrive during a time when carbs and sugar were scarce, when meat and fat were the main sources of fuel. The Paleo diet consists of eating lots of veggies, meats and fats and no grains, processed foods, unnatural sugars or, for some, dairy.
My favorite place on the web for paleo-ers is Paleo Hacks. Paleo hacks is a community run question and answer site for all things paleo/CrossFit/primal. People ask all sorts of questions from nutrition to fitness to sex. It's very helpful finding answers to questions that Google can't answer. It is also great finding other like minded people to discuss these topics with.
Move: What does "fitness" really mean? Fitness, from Darwin's point of view, meant the most able to adapt to one's environment. Let's make a bunch of athletes do random tasks. Who does every task effectively and efficiently? Who do you think fares the best between a marathon runner, a body builder, and a decathlete? Doing varied tasks at intense levels makes you constantly adapt. Advantages to always doing different things: muscle confusion, coordination, you never get bored. Move quickly. Run, jump, sprint, swim, lift heavy things.
For my point of view on fitness and nutrition, I have solely Crossfit to thank. Crossfit is "constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement." If you don't know what Crossfit is, go here and here.
When my friend Alex and I used to use jungle gyms and trees for workouts, we got some pretty strange looks. Hopefully those stares will lessen thanks to Erwan Le Corre and his MovNat program. Le Corre supports all things primal and his thinking aligns well with mine. Eat like cavemen, lift heavy things, go outside, move quickly, barefoot. Variety, intensity, outdoors. His MovNat program takes people outside and asks them to do survival/hunting style movements like climbing trees, crossing rivers, carrying each other, sprinting, lifting logs and other caveman-like activities.