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Life List

I was inspired by Allison, the author of the wonderful See Me Swim, to post my Life List. I believe that our experiences are all the more meaningful and magnificent when shared with others. If you can help me with my life list, or you think I can help you achieve yours, please comment and let's go on an adventure!
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Play with baby elephants  2014 
  • Make an elephant friend   2014
  • Hike the John Muir Trail
  • Go horse packing in Mongolia
  • Explore Angkor Wat  2014
  • Get scuba certified
  • Learn celestial navigation
  • Publish something awesome- like a novel
  • See the pyramids
  • Watch midwinter sunrise at StoneHenge
  • Get to Easter Island
  • Explore the Faroe Islands
  • Ride a bike across Cuba
  • Take a boat up the Mekong  2014
  • Trek the Great Wall of China (well, at least part of it)
  • Start an awesome company
  • Road trip around Iceland
  • Do a shoulder stand on a horse 2013
  • Learn to equestrian vault  2013
  • Walk the Inca Trail
  • Skydive
  • Spend way too much time exploring Kakadu National Park in Australia
  • See as much of New Zealand as possible
  • Learn to kiteboard
  • Go snowshoeing in the Arctic Circle
  • Learn to photograph star trails
  • Hike the Annapurna circuit in Nepal 2013
  • Build my own house
  • Learn tango in Buenos Aires
  • Learn samba in Brazil
  • Become proficient at aerial silks or cyr wheel
  • Buy a school bus, convert it, go on epic road trip 2013
  • Live in a tipi for several months
  • Lie beneath the sky in a cathedral with no roof
  • Climb Mount Aspiring in New Zealand
  • Go climbing in Yangshuo, China 2014
  • Visit Petra
  • Float the Amazon
  • Kill, clean and cook my own dinner 2014
  • Learn to butcher a chicken 2014
  • Learn to photograph the Milky Way
  • Spend the night among ancient ruins
  • Tan a deer hide
  • Buy my own horse 1998

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