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Handmade Women's Travel Clothes - Found on Etsy

Click the photo for my travel
 clothing guidelines
I love Etsy, the handmade online marketplace. Etsy is home to thousands of web shops owned by artists and crafters making all sorts of beautiful products. Buying products on Etsy is easy and connects buyers to high quality, customizable products. Just about anything that can be made by hand is available on Etsy. I've been selling on Etsy for a couple of years and have had positive experiences both selling and buying there. Over the years, I've added hundreds of items to my "want" list. Many of them have me dreaming of far off places, so I've decided to share them with you.
Most of them fit my travel clothing guidelines and are super cute. Sorry guys, this post is for the girls.

I'm sure you're tired of hearing it by now, but I think everything you take on a trip should serve several functions. A pair of pants should be able to tackle a mountain climb or a causal dinner. A dress should be wrinkle resistant, dry quickly, and look great with heels or sandals. The items I've found on Etsy exceed these requirements because they do it with style and elegance.

This wrap from Elven Forest Creations is so elegant and mysterious. It can be worn several ways and is a great way to shelter skin from the sun, or make a sleeveless top more conservative.

Slouchy Nomad Tee
by Brass Anchor

This slouchy tank is perfect for a long flight or to throw over a tank top.

Polyester makes it dry quickly, and the modal makes it soft and smooth

I'm pretty excited about this one! A handmade merino wool tank top by Viele Merino with a built in bra. Technical enough for a hike, pretty enough to pair with a skirt for dinner out on the town.

Merino Wool Wrap Dress by Amiti Designs

Merino wool sounds scary to those who haven't experienced it. Wool usually conjures up hot, itchy feelings. Not so with merino. Merino wool is soft, naturally anti-microbial and magically regulates body temperature. Amiti Designs makes lovely merino wool clothes that can go out to dinner and also up the side of a mountain.

Merino Wool Shrug / Bolero by Ureshil

While I'm gushing about merino wool, here's a lovely shrug, this time from Ureshil in merino wool. I'm all about shrugs because it can take a tank from a warm day to a cool night. It's shown with a basic sleeve, but you can order it in any sleeve style they make. They also make shrugs in bamboo and modal. yum!