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Snow and Hot Chocolate :)

It snowed today in Raleigh! Although it will probably negatively impact my drive back to Greenville tomorrow, it was nice to drive home from work through a winter wonderland. The trees and houses are pretty with a blanket of snow. Our neighbors have their Christmas lights up which looked really awesome in the snow. To celebrate my mom made hot chocolate while my dad and I worked on various projects for the leather shop.
Dad's hot cocoa:

Mom's hot cocoa:

My hot cocoa:

It was only after the fact that I noticed that Dad has just whipped cream, my Mom just has marshmallows, and fittingly, mine has both.

While the hot chocolate was cooking, I added padding to the little booster stool my dad made for me. Our leather bench at the house is too high for me so he built me a little platform. I've been wanting to add padding to it for a while. When we moved back into the Raleigh Flea Market this November, one of the other vendors gave us some foam mats they didn't need, so I put it to work on my stool.
The stool in its original state. Notice the spots of dye and holes from my dad using it to make patterns...

The foam ready to go with glue

Our favorite glue. It sticks anything porous together permanently.

The finished product