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Carolina Currents Article

I recently had the opportunity to publish an article about kayaking around coastal North Carolina for Carolina Currents magazine. I'm re-publishing it here because it may be helpful to you if you are planning a kayaking trip to the coast of North Carolina. If you want more details about places I'm familiar with, feel free to comment or contact.
Click the article below to read at full size.

My article appears in the Fall 2010 issue of Carolina Currents.

Check out the Carolina Currents website for free downloads of every issue.


  1. Ali this is really awesome. You are a really powerful individual as far as pushing yourself in these kinds of activities, and it's great to see you get some exposure in the press! I really liked your article, and would like to try kayaking next summer!

  2. We should go kayaking before the summer! I have access to some kayaks. We could go out for the day and mess around, or if you want we could go on a weekend trip to an island somewhere. Do you have any friends that would want to go?