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A small dinner party and a Muslim wedding

Our new friend Ali (not me) was nice enough to take us to a local Muslim wedding. He was born in the mountains here in Oman and knows pretty much every local in Dibba. His family has been here forever and is a very integral part of the very tight knit community here. It is because of this we were allowed to go to the wedding. We missed most of the wedding, and got there in time to still see the men celebrating. Men of all ages (literally) were dancing in circles to the songs of singers and the beats of a drum circle. The weilded swords which they frequently threw into the air and caught, and AK47's which they liked to shoot into the sky. Non-dancers stood around the circle and observed. We were really appreciative to have such an intimate view of life around here. Will got some decent photos and took a video which I'll try to publish when I get back. YouTube is blocked here.
After our short time at the wedding, we went to Paul's house to have food and sheesha. In the photos you'll see Ali (in purple) Devan, Jesi, Micah and Will.

***NOTE: I had to manually input the photos because the blogspot photo loader is now not even showing up when I click the button, and for some reason they are cropped, at least on my computer. Hopefully next time I'm in the cafe blogspot will be running smoothly and I'll fix these photos***